Zumba facts that will make you book a class right away

Thanks to the many creative forms of aerobics and fitness available today, staying active and going to the gym are no longer a chore. Now, you can have fun and lose weight at the same time and Zumba is definitely one of the best examples in this regard. Zumba has millions of fans worldwide and it stands out as one of the most popular fitness classes among women of all ages. It’s fun, energizing and offers more health benefits than you might think. If you haven’t booked Zumba classes Frankston yet, here are a few fun facts that will definitely make you try them!

The Zumba craze was started by accident

Zumba was invented by accident by a Colombian aerobics instructor in the 90s. One day, he forgot to bring music for his classes, so he decided to improvised and used his own latino music tapes he had in the car. To go with the music, he started mixing classic aerobics moves with latino dance elements. The result was met with instant popularity, so Zumba became a phenomenon in Columbia, and then the United States.

Zumba has the best soundtracks

Zumba instructors use fun, energising Latino music, so sessions are a burst of positive energy. The most popular genres are salsa, rumba, meringue and reggaeton and the chosen songs are always catchy and have a club-feel to them, encouraging you to keep up. Ever since Zumba became an international phenomenon, famous Latino artists even started creating tracks especially for these classes. Whether you love Latin music or like a workout soundtrack that keeps you motivated, Zumba is for you.

More than just dance – a complex workout that burns hundreds of calories!

Zumba is not just cardio set to upbeat Latino music. In fact, it combines a lot of complex moves and elements and is a true calorie burner. In your first sessions, you can burn between 500 and 800 calories per hour, and then, as you get more experience and move to more complex exercises, you can even burn up to 1000 calories. There are also several variations of Zumba for those who want more than just cardio. For example, Zumba with weights is good for strength training and Zumba sentao (which incorporates chairs) makes an excellent full-body workout. This fitness trend is very versatile and can also be practiced by children, senior citizen and people with disabilities.

Zumba has unexpected mental benefits

Zumba is very effective for weight loss, body toning and strengthening, but what effects does a one-hour session have on your mood? A positive one, of course! You will work out in a fun environment and you’ll be dancing to Latino music all the time, so at the end of the session you’ll feel very relaxed. Zumba has been shown to relieve stress, so if you have a hectic lifestyle with a busy job, a session after work is just what you need to unwind and get your mood up again!