Why seniors should play more golf


Golf is considered a sport of leisure and it is a popular activity worldwide. Golf is the type of sport that can be played by people of all ages, because you can try it from the moment you can hold a club in your hand, and until you are too old to see the ball. But, if you are taking a look on the golf course you would notice that the majority of players are seniors, because they consider relaxing to spend their time on a large outdoor space, and to propel a small ball into different holes. The variety of clubs offers them the possibility to play the game even if they are weak. And if you are asking yourself why seniors prefer to go to clubs as Play More Golf, here are some of the reasons why they prefer this sport rather than any other one.

Golf helps them strengthen their bladder

This health benefit might be a little surprising for people who do not know too much about this sport. Because they spend a lot of time on the course, they would feel the need to visit the beer cart, but they would not have the time to go to the toilet as often as they might want during game, so they would slowly learn to hold it. In this way, they would strengthen the capacity of their bladder. And if there are women who are playing golf, they would find it an effective way to strengthen their leg muscles while doing this. While they are doing those crouching manoeuvres in order to hold it, they are actually doing effective leg exercises.

Golf keeps the heart rate up

Playing golf would lead to a bit of exercise for the seniors’ heart. They would have to walk, swing and carry their tools, so they would burn calories, but they would also experience an increase heart rate, and it would keep it increasing and pumping blood flow.

Golf is good for their brain

Because the heart rate would increase during game, so will do the blood flow to their brain, it would stimulate and even improve the nerve cell connections. In this way, seniors are able to delay mental illness. Also, they would get involved in an activity which implies being competitive, because they would want to obtain the best scores and this would boost their self-esteem and confidence and they would improve their hand-eye coordination.