Why opt for invisalign over traditional braces?

Having misaligned or crooked teeth can really affect one’s self-esteem, and besides the aesthetic factor, these issues also make teeth cleaning more difficult. If you are currently facing this kind of situation, then perhaps you should consider getting braces. Wearing braces after a certain age may seem embarrassing to adults, being less than attractive and even uncomfortable to wear. If you wish to straighten your teeth, and prevent an eventual periodontal disease or gum and bone damage, but at the same time the idea of opting for conventional braces does not appeal to you at all, then do not worry, because there is another revolutionary treatment available.  Invisible braces have become an extremely popular option, especially among adults, and here are the main reasons why:

Simple procedure

The invisalign treatment involves and easy and painless procedure – no hospitalization or anaesthesia required. Although, it may take some time until the braces are made (because they need to be customized to fit your teeth perfectly), the procedure is less complicated than the traditional one. Moreover, the results will show in half the time they would normally do when wearing regular braces, meaning in no more than a year, you will have perfectly aligned teeth and a beautiful smile.

Aesthetic look

Appearance is an important factor for most people, after all this is the first and perhaps only reason why you are considering wearing braces in the first place. It is a known fact that conventional braces can make the appearance of your mouth slightly unattractive, so if this is your concern then you should opt for invisalign instead. Being made from an acrylic material or clear plastic, these braces are virtually invisible (as the name suggests) and give a more aesthetic look.


Besides being more aesthetically pleasant, invisible braces are also more comfortable to wear. You are only required to put them on for a specific amount of time, and can be occasionally removed, in comparison with conventional ones, which can be removed only by a dental specialist. Because they are made of plastic, they are far more comfortable, and there are no risks of cheek or gum irritation.

Easy maintenance

Invisalign braces can be removed for cleaning purposes each time you desire, enabling you to enjoy a proper overall oral health without any additional effort. Brushing and flossing effectively is far easier than with conventional braces, which require a special cleaning routine. Moreover, you will avoid an eventual metal allergy, which can occur in certain situation, when wearing traditional braces.

The need of wearing braces is not at all pleasant, regardless of age, but now, with the innovative invisalign treatment, all your worries concerning braces can disappear. Although choosing this alternative may seem a bit more expensive, the investment is certainly worth it, and you will obtain that perfect smile you desire much faster. However, make sure you are consulted by a highly experienced and qualified specialist. Choose a reputable dental clinic, book yourself a consultation and discuss all the relevant details concerning the topic.