Which Are the Diabetic Symptoms in Women?

Diabetes affects millions of individuals in the entire world, but only a small group of people know that they have it. This disease is also named the silent killer, because there aren’t too many signs that can indicated this medical condition. Furthermore, the diabetic symptoms in women are very easy to miss, which can have devastating consequences in time.

Detecting the disease early

In this disease, rising blood sugar can be seen as a poison, and it can cause irreversible damage to the body. Therefore, knowing the diabetic symptoms in women is essential for the early detection of the disease, as that can allow you to take action before it’s too late. Statistics show that discovering that you suffer from this condition early and taking proper treatment can lower the chances of experiencing further complications. Left untreated, this illness can lead to kidney disorders, blindness and heart disease.

Common signs of diabetes

The first thing that you must learn is that there are different types of diabetes, such as Type 1, Type 1.5, Type 2, Gestational Diabetes and Pre-diabetes. These variations share common signs:

  • Weight loss

Weight loss is one of the diabetic symptoms in women, and it can be experienced even when keeping a healthy diet. So, if you are having healthy, regular meals, but you keep loosing weight, you must run some tests to find out the causes of this anomaly.

  • Excessive urination

One of the diabetes signs in women is the need to visit the bathroom frequently. This is how the body reacts when it wants to eliminate the excess of sugar that can represent a threat to your health. However, by trying to get rid of extra sugar through urine, the body can get dehydrated, which can offer a sensation of excessive thirst, another diabetic sign in women.

  • Skin and vaginal infection

One of the diabetes symptoms seen in women is represented by skin and vaginal infection. Furthermore, sexual dysfunctions can be experienced, as well, as they are caused by a low vaginal sensitivity and a reduced vaginal lubrication. These inconveniences can lead to pain during the sexual act, and they can also have a negative emotional impact for women.

  • Psychological symptoms

Women who suffer from diabetes can have psychological symptoms apart from the physical signs. Feeling irritable and frustrated without a serious reason can indicate that you suffer from this medical condition. Furthermore, lethargy, anxiety and agitation also can be seen as signs of diabetes, so serious measures must be taken when these moods are experienced.