What to do after a dog attack

Dogs are man’s best friend, but, like any animal, they can attack both owners and other people. According to the Center for Disease Control, around 1000 American are seriously bitten by dogs and need a visit to the ER. While most cases of dog attacks are not fatal, it is important to point out that they can still inflict wounds or transmit diseases such as rabies. To minimize the harmful impact of the attack, it is essential to get to the hospital in due time and, until you receive medical care, follow a few simple first aid measures. Moreover, as soon as you manage to catch your breath, consider getting in touch with a Colorado Springs personal injury attorney so that the one responsible for the attack compensate you.

First aid in case of puncture wounds

If the dog’s teeth punctured your skin and bleeding occurs, it’s important to follow a few first aid measures. Contrary to common belief, you shouldn’t try to stop the bleeding right away if it is not severe. Let the blood flow for five minutes so it can clean the wound and only afterwards apply pressure with a clean wet towel. Once the bleeding stops, keep the wound under running water and wash with soap. Do not apply alcohol or hydrogen peroxide on a puncture wound, because it slows down healing.


Preventing rabies and other diseases

Wounds aren’t the only danger of dog attacks. Dog bites can get infected and transmit harmful bacteria, so they all require proper disinfecting and a rabies vaccine. You can recognize a rabid dog by their inability to walk and strange, aggressive behavior, but even if the dog doesn’t look sick, you should still see a doctor. If you were bitten by a dog you don’t know and believe it could be a danger to other people, don’t try to run after it and catch it, because it could attack you again. Instead, call animal control.


Taking legal action through a personal injury claim

If you want to receive compensation for the physical and financial inconvenience caused by a dog attack, you should get in touch with a personal injury attorney. Contrary to what many believe, there is always someone responsible for the dog attacking you. If it had an owner, then they should have kept them in a leash and muzzle. If it was a stray dog that bit you, then local authorities can be held responsible because they should have removed the animal from the streets and placed it in a shelter. In any case, once a personal injury claim is filed for a dog attack, the chances of success are quite high and you should be entitled to the adequate financial compensation. To make sure you are successful, don’t wait too long before you call the attorney and keep a copy of all the medical papers.