What new studies are made in medical research

The medical research is not a new domain in medicine, but because of its various names patients to do know exactly what experimental medicine can offer them. This branch of medicine does research with the purpose to support and aid the knowledge in the medicine field. While a clinical research, patients are involved and it is supervised by doctors in a medical setting that requires ethical approval. This type of research needs a lot of approvals while the clinical trial is made, so the persons who start this type of research may contact a Clinical Research Organisation to help them achieve excellent results. Patients may be interested to see what new medical research are made, so here are listed the most recently ones.

Depression treatment 

Recently a study was made about how placebo effects depression and what the results may be. Placebo is a pill that does not contain any medicine, which were prescribed, in this case, to the participants that were not taking any medication to treat their severe depression. They were presented as antidepressant to a group and to the other one as placebo with no antidepressant effects. They changed the pills after a week. At the result of the study, the persons who thought that they were taking antidepressant reported to feel a decrease in their depression, due to the µ-opioid receptor which increased the brain activity in the regions of the brain that are associated with stress regulation and emotion.

Infertility treatments

In a recent study infertility treatments were compared, in trying to see what their effects are. In many of the infertility cases, the causes cannot be explained and the treatments for this type of infertility may vary. Two of these treatments are injectable gonadotropins or clomiphene, so these two were analysed during the trial. Also, there was added a third drug to the comparing list, letrozole, which seems to be more effective than clomiphene. The women that took part in this study were randomly assigned to take one of the two drugs and there was no placebo group. At the end of the study the rates of live births was 19% for letrozole, 23% for clomiphene, and 32% for gonadotropin. Also, gonadotropin treatment had as result that 13% of the pregnancies were multiple, many of them implying triplets, while the treatments with clomiphene and letrozole led to more twins pregnancies.

Treatments for MRSA infection 

The latest public health problem is the antibiotic resistance many bacterial infections developed. The microbes that are responsible for the majority of infections became resistant to the antibiotics, which led to the Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or as it is shortly named MRSA. This evolved into one of the most common infections, which cannot be treated with just one antibiotic, so the scientists began to combine diverse antibiotics. The most effective one was the association between ME/PI/TZ. The bacteria of MRSA developed resistance to the drugs used alone or in pairs. These three trials provide more information about the diseases discussed, helping the patients to decide what is better for their health.