What is Strep Throat and How Can You Treat It?

The first thing that people should understand is that strep throat is not just a sore throat, as it is more contagious and more difficult to treat. Furthermore, the symptoms can be more sever, as those who suffer from such a condition experience pain while swallowing and many other inconveniences. Therefore, strep throat must be treated from the first signs which indicate that you might have caught the bacteria which causes this infection.

Strep throat causes and symptoms

Strep throat is caused by a streptococcus bacteria which can spread through coughing and sneezing. This bacterial infection can appear in both children and adults, and the first sign which indicates its presence is pain in the throat. However, there other symptoms which can indicate this common condition. Besides a sore throat, those who suffer from this bacterial infection also present fever, red and white spots in the throat, headaches, swollen tonsils and difficulties in swallowing. Depending on each individual’s tolerance to pain, some people find this condition more bearable than others. On www.strepthroatmd.com, you will discover more useful information about this condition so that you can learn how to distinguish it from a plain sore throat and how to soothe its symptoms naturally.

How to treat strep throat?

Getting checked by a doctor after discovering the first symptoms of strep throat is essential for getting relief fast, but also for eliminating the risk of contaminating others. In order to establish a diagnostic, physicians need to run a rapid test first, because only that way they will get confirmation that the condition that you suffer from is indeed strep throat. After the strep infection is detected, you will be prescribed an antibiotic treatment. Antibiotics have the role to prevent unnecessary complications by killing the bacteria, and they can help you relieve pain and discomfort, and get well faster. Furthermore, they can reduce the time that you are contagious, as they can help you stop being a threat for others 24 hours after taking your pills.

What type antibiotics doctors prescribe for curing strep throat?

If you or your kid suffers from strep throat, the chances are that your doctor will prescribe an antibiotic like:

  • Penicillin, which is a drug that is usually administrated orally. However, if your little one is vomiting, or has a difficult time swallowing, the drug can also be given by injection.
  • Amoxicillin is in the same family of drugs as penicillin, but it is more indicated for treating strep throat in children, because it has a better taste. Furthermore, it is available as chewable tablets, so it is more appealing to kids than other forms of drugs.