Using cosmetics while having acne – is it wrong or right

Women from all around the world are using cosmetics to make their face look better, but what happens if you have acne? Well, in this situation, you should take extra care when you use certain products, and you should ask for a specialist’s advice in order to see which the right treatment for your condition is. You definitely read online articles that state that cosmetics are dangerous for an acne prone skin, because it prevents your pores from breathing and it makes the acne worse. However, are all these statements true? Well, you should know that many aestheticians recommend their patients to use beauty products, the only thing is that they have to take care when they choose the brand. For example, you can buy ASAP cosmetics, which contain substances that will not affect your skin. Let’s find out if it is wrong or right to use cosmetics when having acne.

Are cosmetic products dangerous?

Well, in case you decide to buy them from a store where they are not stored in proper conditions, they might affect your skin and worsen your acne. Also, there are some manufacturers which are widely known that do not offer high-quality and you should stay away from them. However, this does not mean that you do not have to use cosmetics at all. Your aesthetician will recommend you the brands that are suited for your skin, because s/he knows what products are not aggravating your skin problems. The fact is that there are not such studies that prove that cosmetics are affecting your skin, so you should not consider them dangerous.

Why should I use cosmetics?

The main reason why you should use cosmetics is that you already have self-esteem issues because your face is affected by the side effects of acne, and you should do something to feel better. Cosmetics are the answer in this situation, because they will hide the imperfections, and improve your self-esteem. On the market there are products especially designed for acne skin, so you can use them, and you can be sure that you will not experience any issues. Some products are made not only to hide your imperfections but also to treat acne. You might think that a single product is not able to handle two problems, but there is no reason not to try them, and you can be amazed by the result. Some of these products contain salicylic acid or bee venom, which are recognised as helping the skin deal with this issue. You might find online many articles that take every product and state that its ingredients harm your skin, and even could cause you cancer. But you should not be tricked by these articles, because before coming on the market they are tested by specialists like aestheticians, and even doctors check them to see if they could harm people or not.  The key to use the right products is to ask for an expert’s advice and test them on a little skin area to see what effects they have.