Trying to have a baby – coping with men infertility

As a couple, the fact that one of you deals with infertility issues affects both of you. If you are the one who experiences this problem, then you should know that it is understandable that it deeply affects your feelings. When a couple is trying to have a baby but they face issues, the first thing is to focus on the woman and her health issues. The man’s fertility is the last one being checked. Men and women have the tendency to respond differently when they have to face this aspect. Because men prefer not to open up about their emotions, women have the misconception that they are dealing with this health problem easier. But this is one of the most devastating news a man can receive. When they understand that they are the main reason why you are not able to have a baby, they will consider that they have failed, and that their masculinity is damaged.

Are there any causes that lead to male infertility?

If you are a sexually active man, but you and your partner are not able to achieve a pregnancy in a year then it is advisable both of you to check your fertility status. The main cause that leads to male infertility is abnormal sperm. The majority of male health news articles state that the low numbers of sperm is a common issue men are dealing with. Also, there are cases when the sperm are not great swimmers and in this case only with professional help a pregnancy can be achieved. Other causes that can lead to male infertility are cystic fibrosis, testicular surgery, mumps, testicular infection, radiotherapy or varicocele. This is only a short list of causes, they are numerous and this is why it is important to visit a professional.

There is always hope

There are very few the cases when male infertility cannot be treated, and the couples are not able to have a baby. In the majority of situations, there are chances, but it is essential to get help from the right experts. If you feel that you have tried everything, and the results are the same, then you should relax, take some time off, and when you think that you are ready again, you should look for another specialist to help you out. Specialists have the right knowledge to evaluate your condition and to offer you advice and solutions.

You should take control of the situation

There are numerous strategies you can use to improve the quality of your sperm. You should stop considering yourself helpless. You should change your lifestyle, start by creating a new diet, maintain your weight at a right level, and get rid of stress. It is proven that if you eat more vegetables than meat you have greater chances to improve the sperm motility. Also, there are studies that show that overweight is one of the main causes that lead to male infertility. When it comes to stress, everyone knows the multiple negative effects it has on your health, so there is no joke when the doctor recommends you to reduce the stress levels.