Treat your acne scars with collagen induction

After suffering from having acne for several years, the scars that remained from it look like a double punishing. They are the reminder of all the shame you had to gone through during high school and maybe one or two years in college. Because acne comes in different forms, scars also are of different types. The severe form of acne causes serious scars and they are permanent. So if you did not get treatment for acne as soon as it appeared, now you have to deal with the result of them and try to find a way to not wear scars on your face for the rest of your life. If you tried to get rid of them with laser resurfacing, dermabrasion or fractional laser therapy and the results are not the ones you expected, you should try the collagen induction Toronto therapy.

Severe acne scars were always a challenge to treat, even for the greatest dermatologists. Science is always looking for discovering a new technique of treating the facial scars. One of the new therapies designed for it is microneedling that offers an effective management of the scars. There was made a clinical survey with thirty-seven patients that had multiple sittings of microneedling, and their scars were evaluated before and after the process. After the therapy was over 34 patients saw a reduced severity of their acne and they evaluated the treatment as excellent.  If you want to follow a collagen induction therapy you should know that there are some criteria on which base you can get it or not. You may get a refuse from the therapist if you have active infection on your face, active acne or a keloidal tendency.

This procedure is performed at monthly intervals, and the result may be seen in four sittings or more. The area that will be treated has to be anesthetized with a thick application of anesthetic cream that is applied with 30-45 minutes before the treatment. The dermarollers have 1.5 mm needles, which cause a bleeding at every sitting. If you have severe scars, the therapist will stretch your skin in a perpendicular direction to ease the dermallorer movement and to be sure, that it gets to the base of the scars. You will not have the scars removed entirely if you have a severe form, but they will be improved with at least two grades from their prior state. Your therapist will recommend you to avoid sun for at least a week after each sitting and topical antibiotic appliance for a few days after the procedure is done. As adverse effects can be mentioned post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or temporary erythema. Collagen induction therapy is the newest treatment for the acne scars, which is performed by a dermaroller. The dermaroller is an instrument that has stainless steel needles, which cause small pinpoint injuries on the affected skin. The treatment can be performed at an interval from four to eight weeks and is becoming more popular every day. If you want to recover your beautiful skin try collagen induction and the results will surprise you.