Tips for Treating Arthritis Pains

If you suffer from arthritis then you must experience some uncomfortable pains. We present to you a few tips that will make you think about treating arthritis and get over your pains easier.


Acupuncture is an ancient medical treatment which is supposed to re-establish the energies in your body and bring you balance. Why not give it a try?


The mindfulness meditation has been proved to be helpful for people with painful joints – this means that it should relax you too. People suffering from depression and arthritis were observed to have an improvement.


Massage will make you forget about any pain that you may have, not only about the arthritis pains. If the massage is concentrated on your arthritic joints it can reduce the stiffness and it also improves your range of motion.  Schedule your appointments with a massage therapist on a regular basis.

Herbal supplements

TOn the market you can find some herbal supplements that claim to reduce joint pains. This is an important step when treating arthritis. Some herbal supplements even include evendevil’s claw, ginkgo, boswellia, bromelain, thunder god wine and stinging nettle.

Lose weight

The easiest way how you could get rid of your arthritis pains is to lose weight. If you will weight less then your joints will not be so hurtful anymore. Staying at the same weight will make your arthritis pains to get complicated. The surest way how you can lose weight is to change your lifestyle.

Use hot and cold therapy

Long hot showers or baths will help you ease stiffness in your joints. You should use an electric blanket or a heating pad at night in order to keep your joints loose. The cold treatments are the best for the times when you want to relieve joint pain. You can use a gel ice pack wrapped in a towel or even a bag with frozen vegetables to put it on your painful joints.


The electrical energy can be used to help ease swelling and pains in arthritic joints. Most physical therapist often employ transcutaneous electrostimulation. The electroacupuncture uses needles which are attached to electrodes in order to pass an electric charge.

Quit smoking

Did you know that when you smoke you stress your connective tissues? This doesn’t sound good at all for your connective tissues.


If you have in mind treating arthritis you should lose weight, therefore do physical exercises. However, not any type of exercise is right for you so choose it wisely. You should focus on stretching, gradual progressive strength training. It’s good to avoid running or jumping or sports like tennis where there are many high-impact moves. You should look for low-impact aerobic exercises, cycling, walking or water exercises.