Things You Realise When You Quit Drinking

If you think you’re the type of person that drinks moderately, listening to people preach about the huge benefits that come with quitting alcohol could be a bit annoying to say the least. The only thing is that long-term research has proved that in a startling majority of cases, people who apparently follow moderate drinking habits are actually drinking alcohol much more than what public health guidelines recommend.

The simple fact is that you don’t need to find yourself thinking where to find local rehab centres to realise you might unhealthy drinking habits or even an advanced alcohol problem. The trouble usually is, people have fallen into a culture of drinking and binge drinking, which in spite of being enormously harmful is in many societies accepted as the norm. This in turn leads to many people spending huge proportions of their life either drunk or suffering the aftereffects.

The truth is though, it is only after spending a solid period of time without drinking that one realises that the intoxicated style of life is much overrated. Additionally, there are a few things you might only notice when you’re sober, which may change the way you live your life in general.

Here are a few examples to illustrate the point:

  1. First up, you’re much less likely to find yourself engaging in any regrettable acts with a person you would never normally find attractive if you remain sober. Alcoholic drinks are universally accepted for making people appear considerably more appealing than they actually are, which rarely fails to lead hundreds of people down entirely the wrong path.
  2. If you are interested in staying in good shape at all, cutting down or quitting alcohol is the single most effective diet in the world. Not only will it make you lose weight and keep your ideal body shape, but the beneficial effects it has on your skin will basically blow you away.
  3. You know how you worry that if you decide to quit drinking, everyone will constantly pressure you to resume drinking again? This just does not happen – if you have the kinds of family and friends that care about you, you will amazed at just how supportive they all are.
  4. Contrary to what many people believe, cigarettes and alcohol are not the only products available that could help you relax after a hard day at work.
  5. Falling asleep at night without the customary nightcap will lead to incredibly more satisfying, enjoyable and healthy sleep than you can possibly imagine.
  6. Believe it or not, the conversations you could have with people without drinking alcohol being involved often tend to be hugely more meaningful and interesting. After all, it is hardly a secret that drinking alcohol makes people spout utter and complete garbage.
  7. Along the same lines, quitting drinking will allow you to find yourself in a situation where you’ll never wake up again a) wondering what you told people the previous night or b) realising you told people a number of things you never EVER should have told them.
  8. Quitting alcohol will make it much easier to be in control of your actions when it comes to agreeing which gatherings or events you choose to attend, which you would rather not bother with and when exactly you decide to leave. Additionally, you have the bonus of being legally able to drive yourself anywhere.
  9. You will just amazed as how much more joy you get out of your weekend when you don’t spend 30% of the times drunk and some 40% recovering. Two days with no work suddenly become a huge holiday.
  10. Your life in general will become much cheaper when you quit alcohol. From the daily drinks to nights out and right through to the expensive bottle of wine you would usually choose with dinner, the money savings could be dramatic to say the least.
  11. You will also realise that some of your favourite places you have been going to and the activities you have participating in actually bring you no benefit or joy whatsoever. Instead, you might find yourself doing fulfilling things for the first time.
  12. People you once thought of as hugely endearing and entertaining suddenly become the most intolerable and boring human beings, on whom you waste way too much time.