The most popular treatment for teeth loss: implants

Nowadays, it seems that cosmetics is the most popular branch of dentistry. More and more people are interested in restoring their teeth, which have been affected by various conditions or even accidents. There are plenty of treatments and procedures available for those who need correction or replacement of their original tooth and one of them is implants. This means that in case you have lost on or many teeth, you can have them replaced by an artificial structure, which has the same features and looks exactly the same. Annually, thousands of people use this treatment, since it is the most natural, efficient and healthy solution to teeth loss. If you are considering the possibility, read on to find out more details and make an informed decision.

Types of dental implants

If you are in need of dental implants in Frankston, you should know that there are two types of procedures. Although the process is based on the same principles and patterns, dental implants can be divided in two categories: endosteal and subperiosteal. The first type is the most common one and done directly in the bone. During the intervention, screws, blades or cylinders are inserted and each implant holds a single prosthetic. The second procedure is performed on the bone and the artificial tooth in installed on top of the jaw bone, through the gum. The prosthesis is held due to a metal frame and is often recommended for patients who cannot tolerate traditional dentures.


Common materials used for implants

A lot of people are asking how the body can tolerate a foreign object, and the answer is simple: the implants and prosthesis are made of special materials. The screws inserted in the jaw bone are normally made of titanium, a material that is biocompatible and thus accepted by the body. Actually, it serves as the perfect basis for teeth replacement, since it is strong and sturdy. Once placed in the bone, it will lock the implant in the gum, in a completely natural manner. This concerns exclusively the roots of the artificial teeth, because the crown (the exterior) part is generally made of porcelain or a similar composite. This looks quite similar to your initial teeth, reflecting light in a natural way, as same as original enamel.


Implants help you protect your teeth

Dental implants have plenty of benefits, but besides being good looking, safe and long lasting, they are also very healthy. Few people know that these artificial structures will help you protect the teeth that have not been affected by decay. Unlike tooth supported bridges, which requite chopping the margins of healthy teeth situated next to the damaged tooth, thus destroying their enamel, implants will not affect the neighbouring structures what so ever. They go directly in the jaw bone, replacing the original roots with artificial ones, able to provide full support to the crown.