The Health Risks of Drinking Tap Water with a High Level of Chlorine

According to the latest medical news, the presence of chlorine in the tap water is very dangerous for your health. Chlorine is a water additive that is used most for cleaning the water up and controlling microbes. There are few new technologies that match the effectiveness of chlorine  because it kills the microorganisms and keeps them dead until the water reaches your home. Drinking water that has chlorine may cause you eye or nose irritation and even stomach discomfort. The tap water in North America has chlorine residuals more than 10 times higher than it’s typical in Europe. However, after you will see more details about the risks for drinking tap water that has a high level of chlorine you may want to find a solution for your home and not rely so much on the pubic water system from outside your house. In the end you have the power to control the quality of the tap water that comes into your house.

Chlorine represents the risk for developing these conditions

Based on the information that we gathered from the latest medical news articles, the health conditions that you may develop after drinking water that has high levels of chlorine are deadly serious. There aren’t only some opinions about these risks, there are scientific studies that have watched the influence of the chlorine in the tap water over the human body after intense exposure.  We will present to you some figures – some percents that represent how much you will risk your health. However, no matter the numbers found in these studies, one thing is for sure – drinking tap water which has high levels of chlorine is dangerous for your health and you should avoid it by any possible means.

  • Robert D. Morris from Medical College of Wisconsin and Thomas C. Chalrmers with his colleagues from Harvard combined 10 studies in order to see new findings. They found that after drinking chlorinated water the risk of developing bladder cancer increases by 21% and the risk of rectal cancer increases by 38%.
  • A study that was conducted in Hartford found that drinking water that has a high level of chlorine is a dangerous risk factor for women since they have a higher tendency for developing breast cancer with almost 50 or 60 percents.
  • An epidemiologist at Oak Ridge Associated Universities has completed a study that clearly shows the connection between drinking water with chlorine with the high risk of developing colon cancer.
  • Some scientists suspect that not the chlorine does the harm but the reactions between it and the natural substances or pollutants in the water such as organic matter – leaves and twigs.

What can you do

The most practical solution for keeping you and your family away from the water that has high levels of chlorine would be to install in your house a chlorine water filter. You can choose to have one installed only for a few water sources or you can have a whole house water filter that will give you clear water for all the faucets in your house. In order to determine which filter would be the best choice, study the articles published on the This website features numerous reviews that can make you choose the filter which will offer you the best protection against tap water contaminants.