The Difference between Alcohol Addiction and Drug Addiction

The substance being used can determine the outcomes or symptoms of addiction. The substance can also determine the severity of the addiction symptoms.  Also, the type of substance being used can determine whether you end up with dependency or not. For example, Class A drugs can lead to more severe addiction than others. The conditions of those using Class A drugs tend to be more severe than those of others.  No matter what form of addiction you have, you can get in touch with ibogaine rehabs for professional assistance.     

Some facts to note

Both alcohol addiction and drug addiction have more similarities than differences since they tend to have the same set of symptoms.  The two are also usually called by the same group names, like chemical dependency and substance abuse.  The chemical in this instance can be in the form of marijuana, cocaine or even alcohol.  The overall behavior of substance abusers tends to be similar. The two groups of people are prone to lying; they tend to be deceptive also since they have to cover up their tracks.

These individuals also have self-serving practices, and they tend to manipulate others. Both parties have what is called “addict thinking,” which is the type of thinking common among individuals that abuse substances like drugs and alcohol. Both alcohol addicts and drug addicts may look cool on the surface or have many friends around them, but the truth is that they are never settled inside them; the only thought occupying their minds at any particular time is how to escape or sneak away from others and get a fix or drink themselves to stupor.

Drug addicts and alcohol addicts do not see drug or alcohol as a problem; rather, they see it as the solution.  Bear in mind that not every drinker are alcohol addicts; the real addicts are the heavy drinkers and not the random guy that gets a DUI for being stupid enough to drive under the influence.  Many of those guys given DUI may go for weeks or even months without taking a glass of alcohol. No alcohol addict can stay a day without a fix. 

What to do

Do you suspect that you are addicted to either drug or alcohol or both of them? It is high time you sought a solution. Never hesitate to find ayahuasca retreat centers closest to you so that you can get help and be free from addiction before things get to a head.