The ABCs of rhinoplasty surgeries

A lot of people thing that a pretty and attractive face is all about symmetry and proportion. Of course, natural beauty comes in plenty of forms and shapes, but in spite of this, plenty of individuals are self-conscious about how their face looks like. Most of the times, the main problem is the nose, due to the fact that it is situated in the centre of the face and influences all its features. In case you are unhappy about how your nose looks like, rest assured because nowadays there are plenty of cosmetic procedures that can help you achieve the desired results. A skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeon can redefine and enhance its appearance, and the intervention is called rhinoplasty.

What is a rhinoplasty?

The term is generally known as “nose reshaping surgery”, which involves an intervention during which the size, shape and symmetry of the patient’s nose is restored or improved. Very often, this operation is connected to certain health issues related to breathing deficiencies, but most of the times it has a pure cosmetic purpose. In the end, the nose is brought into a better proportion with the rest of the face. A lot of patients who have chosen this type of surgery claim it has been a life-changing procedure, since the results are actually amazing when the operation is performed by a professional plastic surgeon.  In spite of the considerable change, you will be surprised to discover the nose looks actually natural, as if it has always been like that.

When can rhinoplasty help you?

A lot of people think that any sort of issue can be solved through a cosmetic surgery, but this is only partially true. There are plenty of changes you can make to your nose, which is why surgeons encounter different demands on a daily basis: while some want to have a thinner nose, others are trying to solve problems caused by crooked cartilage. The purpose of the operation varies from one patient to another, but generally, people decide to get rhinoplasty to reshape their nasal structures. The intervention can help you correct breathing issues, eliminate a prominent bump, reduce the length of the nasal tip, straighten or narrow a wide nose and restore symmetry after an injury or accident.

Who can get rhinoplasty?

This type of surgical intervention is suitable to patients of all ages, both men and women. For this reason, nose reshaping is one of the most common operations happening all around the globe, including teenage patients who want to correct imperfections from an early stage. Needless to say, cosmetic surgeons evaluate each individual and set the expectations and objectives together, depending on each case, making sure these are as realistic as possible. For younger patients, the doctor takes additional evaluating measures to decide whether the person is ready or not (if the nose has fully developed). Everyone can be a good candidate for rhinoplasty, as long as they talk to a specialist in advance and they approve the procedure.