Social services aimed to support the Indigenous Australians community

The  Indigenous  Australian community in Australia has a rich history and culture, and while theirs is special and different, and retained even to this day,  challenges within the community  arise on how to cope with the modern world. Nowadays, there are several dedicated organisations working to improve and provide health services  and social programs for the Indigenous Australians  in order to help them have better lives lives.

What do organisations dedicated to  Indigenous Australians do?

Associations and organisations dedicated to  Indigenous Australians  support are the embodiment of this community’s aspirations and efforts. Their main purpose is to solve local issues from child safety, health system deficit and  help them with their emotional well-being. Professional counsellors offer public consultations and workshops for the  Indigenous Australians. They even organise youth groups, aimed to provide cultural support and a safer development environment for young people to shape their personality and future. Within these groups,  participants can socialise, find their cultural identity, be aware of their potential,  and learn about the importance of proper education and health. In terms of health services, these organisations  aim to train professional  Indigenous Australians doctors, as they are likely to be more aware and can empathise more with their community, and understand better the community’s needs and problems.


Who can benefit from  Indigenous Australians  social services?


Broadly, any person within the  Indigenous Australians  community, can benefit from the social and health services. Target groups can be divided into more than one category, depending on the needs and requirements of each individual. For instance, there are certain groups dedicated to children; supporting them to develop human relations and become friends with other members of the community. Also, young people who finds it challenging to find their identity and shape their future can also use the social services provided by an organisation dedicated to the  Indigenous Australians community. In terms of medical services, those who want to see a specialist for a general consult, need treatment for several conditions (such as diabetes or high blood pressure) or are simply interested in having a healthier lifestyle can come and  collaborate with a dedicated community association. Even elderly people can get home assistance, gardening and maintenance services.