Skin Care Tips for Men with Sensitive Skin

Although “sensitive” and “men” are two words that don’t usually get along, there are many cases of men with sensitive skin that needs special care. If you are confronted with this unpleasant problem, here are some tips on how you can take care of your sensitive skin.
Male skin is different from female skin because of an important hormone, which is the testosterone which makes their skin thicker, firmer, richer in collagen and with a slow aging process. Another particularity of the male skin is the number of hairs they have, and daily shaving can dehydrate their skin if they do not use the right caring products.

Clean your skin in depth

Although it may seem like something only women would do, cleaning the skin should be a routine for men as well. Cleansing should be done twice a day, once in the morning, after shaving and once in the evening before going to bed, with a cleansing gel that removes toxins from the skin without drying it. Also, you can apply a face mask once a week because it is designed to remove dead cells and clean the skin in depth.

Use a good shaver for a perfect shaving

A specific activity for men is the shaving, and some men perform it daily, which can seriously affect their skin. Shaving is important starting with the shaver you use, the shaving gel and the after shave products you apply on your skin. Some men use common razors, but these can harm the skin and cause injuries. An alternative to the old razor is the electric shaver, a useful device that allows you to perform a neat and precise shaving on your entire face, on the cheeks, the chin, and neck, without hurting yourself. Depending on your beard type and face shape, you can choose either a foil shaver or a rotary shaver, both providing comfort and safety while shaving.

Take care of your skin after shaving

When you shave, use a shaving cream or a gel that will soften the hairs and will form a barrier between the blade and the skin, to protect it. If you have sensitive skin, apply a nourishing oil to the face before shaving and don’t forget to put some moisturizing after-shave balm that is specially designed for the sensitive skin. Also, a toner will close the pores, thus preventing the penetration of bacteria in the skin which can lead to the outbreak of acne. Apply the toner to the face after shaving, but before applying aftershave or moisturizing face cream.