Popular myths about calcium deficiency and supplements

Calcium is an essential component of bones and teeth and it is also an important ingredient of blood coagulation. Some common diseases such as osteoporosis or spasmophilia are caused by the calcium deficiency. According to experts, there are a lot of people who do not know much about calcium and they have the tendency to believe everything they read or hear. This is the reason why there are some popular myths about calcium deficiency and supplements. And here they are.

Myth: Taking supplement will make you suffer from side effects!


It is one of the most popular myths and it proves nothing but false. For example, if you look for AlgaeCal reviews, you will find out that you do not have anything to worry about because it cannot cause you side effects! But what is AlgaeCal more exactly? It is a calcium supplement made of algae and it proves not only efficient, but also safety. This means that it can be taken by both children and adults. Experts say that they have done many studies on this product and they have found that it cannot cause side effects such as eyes or dermal irritation. And be careful because the lack of trust in food supplements like AlgaeCal is the main reason why people end up suffering from calcium deficiency.

Myth: Calcium deficiency cannot make you feel tired and depressed


The lack of information when it comes to calcium deficiency makes people look for other reasons for their tiredness. But, doctors say that if you feel tired all the time, even if you sleep around eight hours each night and you cannot control your shaking hands, it may happen because of the lack of calcium. Therefore, you do not have to wait anymore and try some calcium supplements. 

Myth: Milk is the richest calcium food!


Well, this is not true. There are many other types of food which contain the same or even a larger dose of calcium, such as almonds, cheese, sesame seeds. But it does not mean that you should not consume milk. Our advice is to try having a balanced diet and to combine healthy food with physical activities. Also, bear in mind the fact that sweets or junk food can make you suffer from calcium deficiency.

Myth: Man and women should consume the same quantity of calcium.


This is not entirely true. Usually, men and women need the same quantity of calcium, but there is an exception: When they are between 51 and 70 years, men need less calcium doses than women.