Plying beach volleyball is not only fun

Almost every parent recognizes the importance of sports in the development of the child. Encouraging children to play sports is not only an effective way to get them out of the house, but also to make sure that they get regular exercise. Volleyball in particular is a fun activity that rapidly engages anyone in the game because it is not difficult to play. However, playing volleyball is one of the easiest ways in which someone can stay fit and healthy at the same time. While all sports are good for the health because they improve muscle tone and the cardiovascular activity, playing volleyball on a regular basis at sports camps in Australia can help you get a better workout.

Burning calories fast

The fact is that playing volleyball is very different from working out at the gym or running for miles. The main difference is that volleyball does not make you feel exhausted, although it involves a lot of physical work. In addition, beach volleyball is does not strain the body as would do playing inside on a hard surface. The beach is a lot easier on the joints and there are fewer chances for accidents to happen. The point is that during the game the player is permanently required not to let the ball fall into the court, which means that he can up to burn 149 calories per game.

Aerobic ability

According to studies, the person spends the same amount of energy on playing volleyball as on jogging for a mile. This is equally true if the game is played at a slow pace. In other words, you do not have to worry about boosting the cardiorespiratory system because it is fully engaged.

Stronger muscles

During the game, all the major muscle groups are engaged because the player has to hit the ball using the hands and arms, but also other parts of the body. This means that the player is required to have a strong chest and strong legs so as to be able to generate power when he passes the ball. Thus, volleyball allows you to build several muscle groups in the upper and lower body at the same time, which also contributes to the improvement of the cardiovascular activity as well.

Coordination and balance

When you serve in a volleyball game, you have to have a good hand-eye coordination to strike the ball at the right point. The same goes for the defence because you must be able to predict where the ball is going. This change of pace demands you from a physical point of view as well. In other words, the act of serving, passing and attacking requires skills like flexibility and good balance.