Permanent hair removal – an innovation in terms of beauty

For years, women all around the world have dreamed about an ideal hair removal method: painless, efficient and long lasting. In case you have ever wondered if a permanent solution exists, you should know about laser hair removal – the nearest thing to perfection. If you are tired of waxing, shaving or tweezing, you should try this new service offered by some of the most performing beauty salons. This painless treatment will help you get rid of unwanted hair after only a couple of sessions, and the results are likely to last many years.

How does permanent hair removal work?

You may wonder how does this miraculous method called permanent hair removal Brisbane work. The process actually consists in a succession of steps, each of them playing an equally important role. The main tool used is the laser light, which destroys the follicles of the roots and eliminates the hairs through pulses and precise rays. This means that you can forget about waxing or shaving for a long time! Twenty years ago, the method was introduced as an experiment and in the mid-90s it became available in beauty salons all over the world. Nowadays, its advantages are recognized by dermatology specialists and doctors, and more and more women are willing to try it.


Which are the benefits of permanent hair removal?

Permanent hair removal has not only the benefit of lasting much longer than any other hair removal method, but also many others. It can be used to eliminate hair from any part of the body (face, arms, under-arms, legs or bikini line), because it is delicate and involves a lot of precision. The laser light will focus only on the hair, without causing any damage to the skin. In addition to this, the process is speedy and painless: the pulses last only a fraction of second, not to mention that they affect more than one hair at the same time. This makes removal very efficient: within only three sessions, the results will start to appear.


What do you have to do before starting the treatment?

Since it is considered a medical procedure, before your first session you are recommended to see a specialist. Make sure you choose an experienced professional, because the procedure has to be done by an authorised technician. They will analyse the condition of your skin and hair and establish how many sessions you need, depending mostly on the thickness and density of the hair. Besides that, you should stop waxing or shaving with about six weeks in advance, because these modify the features of the root and the success of laser removal may be influenced by this.