Medical concerns of permanent and semi-permanent makeup


Permanent and semi-permanent makeup enhancements become more and more popular and this is understandable since many women are willing to go through these procedures, just to save some time every time they apply makeup as well as to enjoy a flawless makeup all day. You must know from the beginning that in the hands of a trained professional, these procedures are safe and women don’t have anything to worry about. Due to this reason, professionals don’t skip a chance of reminding women that whatever they do, they should never settle for the services of an untrained person. Below we have some medical concerns and their solutions that have to be addressed.

Allergic reactions to various pigments

Although these reactions are extremely rare, professionals will first assess your personal situation. As these procedures imply putting a foreign substance in the body, not all subjects react the same. However, it’s fair to say that allergic reactions are extremely rare. Pigments like iron oxide are by far the safest pigments, as specialists in the industry claim. In fact, horrific irritations are caused by natural pigments, but luckily, these are not used by reputable clinics. For the best – and safest – results, you want to make sure that you don’t cut corners when it comes to these procedures, because it might cost you your health.

Does it hurt?

Getting a permanent or semi-permanent makeup intervention is feared by many women, because of the potential pain. However, the discomfort experienced during these procedures is minimal, similar to a slight scratching sensation. However, this is true only in the case of reputable clinics, as the therapists there have plenty of experience and know all the necessary techniques in order to diminish the discomfort during the procedure. Also, while minimizing the pain, professionals will also assure you that you’ll have your intervention for longer – you can read here more on how long does semi permanent makeup last.

What are the chances of getting an infection?

Once again, it all depends on the clinic that you opt for. Because the intervention is performed by using a needle, you want to make sure that you opt for professional establishments, in order to reduce the chances of infection. If a therapist is willing to offer such services at home, skip them. You want to find a sterile environment for this, and neither your home, nor their home is one of those. A professional clinic is advisable, always. Yes, you can get life-threatening infections, such as AIDS, if you settle for the services of a dubious “professional”. Clinics always replace the needles, sometimes multiple times for a single patient.

How permanent is “permanent”?

While permanent makeup is, in fact, permanent, you can opt for semi-permanent procedures, as these will allow you to adapt your makeup as trends change. A semi-permanent procedure will last for several years, generally.

These are some of the most important medical aspects that you have to take into account when you consider getting a semi-permanent makeup intervention.