Low back pain – should I worry about it?


Many people complain about pain in the back between the legs and ribs, or lower-back pain. It causes great discomfort, and sometimes the traditional treatments for pain are not effective. Studies show that this is one of the commonest causes of missed work and job-related disability. The majority of back twinges go away in a couple of days, but if you suffer from this condition, you will experience pain for a long period. It is advisable in this situation to seek for professional help at a center as Haymarket Physical Therapy, because experts who have knowledge of this condition could assess you, and offer you a suitable treatment. Here is important information you should know about this condition.

What causes low back pain?

Doctors state that there are four types of back pain. One form occurs when the nerves from your spinal column are pinched. In this case, the open spaces narrow and they put pressure on the spinal nerves. If this is not the situation for you, then fractures, infections, or diseases as cancer, may cause the pain you experience. A number of 50 or 60 rare conditions can lead to back pain. Also, there are cases when the cause of pain is unidentified.

What treatment should I opt for?

Specialists state that it is difficult to treat low back pain, especially when they are not able to identify the cause. In case you have minor aches, because you have suffered an injury, you only have to take a pain reliever. You should not lie in bed, or put your legs up, when suffering from this condition, because this will worsen the pain. In case you experience stubborn back pain, then you need active treatment as physical therapy. Studies show that back exercises can reduce your pain, even if there is no identified cause for it. It is advisable to seek for professional help, because at a therapy center experts will identify what causes you pain, and they can recommend you a treatment to help you achieve a pain-free motion. They will help you stay healthy and keep active, so you should ask their help as soon as possible.

Should I worry about my back pain?

People have the misconception that if they feel the worst back pain they had experienced during their life, they should be scared about it. The fact is that you should not consider the pain intensity an indicator of the cause. The worst conditions are less painful than the ones that can be treated with a few sessions of therapy. For example, the persons who have spine injuries have little pain or no pain at all. Severe back pain is caused by many non-dangerous conditions, as muscle cramps for example. You should consider a medical emergency if you experience true numbness or incontinence around the buttocks and groin in a saddle pattern. Also, you should see a doctor if you had an accident that might had caused you fractures on your spine. In case the pain is bothering you, for more than 2 months then you should ask for professional help.