Is honey an effective cough remedy?

A cough is not only irritating, but also painful. Chances are that you will not get any sleep. What can you do if you have an annoying cough? Drugs and medications will not provide you cough relief, so it is a waste of money. To ensure that you stay healthy, try a natural remedy. But which one? Honey, the sweet pure liquid from nature, provides you relief from coughing. Be it dry or wet cough, honey will provide you instant relief. If you do not have this nectar lying around the house, then you need to buy honey right away.

Honey for cough is effective

Parents have been giving their children honey at bedtime to easy cough symptoms and make sure they get their ZZZs since always. The sweet pure liquid from nature covers and soothes the back of the throat. The taste in turn causes salivation and saliva makes mucus thinner and reduces the tendency to cough. The sweet product has more than 181 natural substances, many of which have antimicrobial properties and antioxidants. It is not thus surprising that this nectar can help relieve symptoms of coughing. What is certain is that this natural remedy is a legitimate alternative to cough medicine. You can avoid taking cough suppressants altogether

What kind of honey is good for cough

Unquestionably, honey is more effective in the treatment of coughs than off the counter medicines. However, not all types of sweetness are good for your problem. Not any type of sugary substance works. What you should be looking for is darker honey because it contains more antioxidants. Since it has more antioxidants, dark pure liquid does not have a pleasant taste. It is not necessarily something that will delight your taste buds. If the sugary substance is not available in your area, you should shop online.

How to use honey

The way the home remedy is prepared can very a lot. Try these simple recipes to relieve your cough:

  1. Mix up the sweet product with lemon juice, and then drink the resulting liquid.
  2. Use honey with propolis.
  3. Dilute the nectar in tea.

To get rid of the cough for good, it is important to consume the sweet pure liquid from nature 4 to 5 times a day. However, you can take the natural remedy whenever last important thing: never give honey to a child under the age of 1. While it is harmless for adults, the nectar can cause botulism in infants.