How to Treat Dark Spots

Not only girls have the skin problem of dark spots. Boys can also encounter this skin condition. The causes of the emergence of the dark spots on your skin may be:

  • exposure to UV rays from the sun
  • hormonal fluctuations
  • trauma to the skin: burns, psoriasis, acne, and certain skin care treatments that are hard on the skin.


Of course that before trying anything on your skin you should visit a dermatologist. The doctor will give you a special prescription and will tell you how to improve the appearance of your skin with the most appropriate products. We present to you some simple and practical treatments for dark spots:

Lemon juice

You have the option to use a solution of lemon juice by combining one part of lemon juice with three parts of water or you can mix the lemon juice with other ingredients and make a special mask:

  • cosmetic clay
  • yogurt
  • egg yolk
  • honey
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1/2 avocado
    These ingredients will act as moisturizers for your skin and temper the acidic action of the lemon juice over your skin.

Onion and apple cider vinegar mask

Cut an anion and squeeze its juice and combine it with some apple cider vinegar. Apply the mask for 15 minutes on your skin area that has dark spots and rinse it properly after 15 minutes.

Chemical peel

Sometimes natural remedies are not enough and you wish it were a powerful method that will show results immediately. A chemical peeling may be a great solution for you. Although a chemical peel may hurt a little bit the results are amazing.

Acid treatment

There are some special acidic lotions that you can find on the market that once you apply them on your skin they will bleach it. Don’t apply the cream only for a small area where you have the dark spots but cover the surrounding area as well.

Castor oil

Another trick is to apply castor oil directly on the dark spots every time before you go to bed.

Milk and ground yellow mustard

This is another famous face mask that treats the dark spots. You will need to mix equal parts of milk and ground yellow mustard, apply the mask on the desired area of your skin and leave it the whole night on your skin. In the morning you must properly rinse it off.

Skin lighting cream

A special dedicated skin lighting cream bought from a drugstore may do wonders with your skin. it contains special synthetic ingredients that not only they will light your skin but they will prevent future skin problems. For example many skin lighting creams have SPF – which is a helpful ingredient when the cause of the emergence of your dark spots is the exposure to UV rays from the sun.