How to get that celebrity smile

Celebs carefully plan their red-carpet moments months in advance. This implies choosing the perfect dress and finding a suitable coiffure, but not only. No matter how well dressed any star is, the first thing that you inevitable notice is his smile, in particular the whiteness of his teeth. The truth is that no one is born with white glowing teeth and they do tend to lose their color in time. Teeth Whitening Toronto services are a practical way to illuminate the color of the tooth in order to obtain your dream star smile. If you desire to impress with your smile, then you can try one of the following methods.

Why do you need dental bleaching?

In time, the tooth inevitably loses it white color because the mineral structural of the tooth is affected. Consequently, the enamel contained by the structure becomes porous and phosphate-deficient and this is what gives the tooth its dark color. Other causes that determine tooth discoloration are smoking, consumption of coffee and red wine, as well as fluoride found in tap water. Foods and vegetables also stain the tooth. However, these are only a few of the practical reasons that might determine you to resort to dental bleaching. Sometimes the discoloration of the tooth is the result of staining, while other people were simply born with bad looking teeth. For all these reasons, many begin to develop complexes.

Professional dental bleach

Dentists use a variety of procedures such as brushing, bleaching gel, bleaching stripes and laser bleaching. The active ingredient at the base of any procedure is hydrogen peroxide. The entire procedure can take up to several weeks because it is necessary to make a mouthguard and to get patient’s history. Next, the patient is required to continue the dental bleach treatment at home for lasting results.

Whitening toothpaste

Few people can afford to waste money on what others might call a luxury, in other words dental bleaching. For some, the cosmetic dentistry procedure may exceed their monthly budget. However, the market is full of alternatives. If you only want to give dental bleaching a try without having to spend a fortune, you can go to the nearest supermarket or drugstore and buy whitening toothpaste. The toothpaste contains abrasive particles and other chemicals that polish the tooth and bind to the stains so as to remove them. You should particularly look for toothpaste that contains covarine because this ingredient creates an optical illusion that makes the tooth seem less yellow. However, the effects are not visible until after a month or so.

Whitening trays

While they are not particularly cheap, whitening trays are said to be more effective than toothpaste. As compared to the kits that you receive from your dentist and that cost around 300$ or more, the kits bought from the local store are worth only a quarter of that sum. This is why they are more convenient in terms of price. All you have to brush teeth and insert the tray that contains peroxide into your mouth. It is recommendable not to keep the tray in your mouth for more than an hour.