How to Choose the Right Counsellor


If you have decided to seek the help of addiction counsellors Harley Street, chances are it’s a process you’d like to go through only once. Accepting the fact that you have a problem and seeking advice in the first place is not easy – having to start again from scratch seems borderline impossible. Nonetheless, it is a reality many face due to the fact that for one reason or another they didn’t make the right decision in the first place. The large majority of professional counsellors up and down the United Kingdom may do a fantastic job, but this does not mean that taking things for granted is ever a good idea.

On a more positive side, it’s pretty easy to make sure that the therapist you select in the first place really is the best therapist for you. It is simply a case of dealing with the process proactively and getting to understand the importance of doing it right the first time around. So with this in mind, here is an overview of a few crucial tips for making sure you select only the most appropriate and capable therapist, in accordance with your requirements:

1 – Consider Specialism

First up, it is very important to bear in mind that each therapist currently in business doesn’t have the same specialism and background. While some counsellors may be leaders in chronic anxiety issues, others focus on sex addiction counselling or workplace problems. Given the fact that you’re seeking the help of a counsellor with a specific issue, it makes sense to make sure their specialism and background match your needs. Fail to do so and you could see yourself stuck with a therapist who excels in one area, but underperforms in yours.

2 – Check Experience

Another crucial factor to think about is that of relevant experience – as in how long it is they’ve been doing what they do. This is exactly the kind of industry in which relevant experience breeds competence and expertise. It is one thing for a talented new candidate to come fresh from university with all the potential, education and enthusiasm in the world. Nonetheless, with no practical experience in the field, there’s no way of knowing how well they will perform when the sessions begin. The longer the therapist has been in practice and working with clients like you, the more relevant experience they have had dealing with issues like yours.

3 – Recommendations and Feedback

Just as is the case in many other business areas these days, you should be able to easily find plenty of recommendations and feedback regarding any counselling service you are considering. More often than not, clients who are satisfied or dissatisfied with the counselling services show no hesitation in going online and sharing their stories and opinions with the world. All you have to do is carry out a web search for the counselling service you are considering in order to check what is being said. If there is nothing available, you are free to ask the provider directly.

4 – Free Initial Consultations

Studying a website and talking on the phone are all well and good, but it isn’t until you find yourself face to face with the therapist that you will know whether or not they will be the right choice for you. Which is exactly why the large majority of professional counselling providers up and down the United Kingdom offer free initial consultations. It is basically unheard of for sums of money to be requested in advance – something that more often than not signifies a provider to avoid.

5 – Professionalism

From the provider’s website to the way they present themselves on the phone to the building in which they work to the additional staff and so on, you can’t and won’t have the required respect and faith in them if they don’t come across as consummate professionals. If you don’t have complete confidence in the counsellor you chose from day one, chances are you will be wasting your time going any further.

5 – Be Selective

Last but not least, it is always worth bearing in mind that there are so many incredibly capable counselling services on the market today that making any kind of a compromise or settling for second best does not really make any sense at all. Therefore, it’s highly advisable to be as picky and selective as you want to be, in order to make sure that the provider you select really is the best for you. Whatever it might be that you’re not convinced about, you are entirely within your rights to walk away and look elsewhere.