How to become a host in a senior assisted living program

If you live in a spacious house and are willing to help the senior community by offering a room to an elderly citizen, then you should consider the concept of assisted living. In the United States, more and more people would rather have their elderly parents in the care of a volunteer rather than send them to a nursing home, because they feel that the former option offers a higher degree of emotional comfort. Almost anyone can become host in a senior living facility, the acceptance criteria is not difficult to meet and your desire to help the community will definitely be appreciated. To make sure you are accepted, you should follow several steps.

Make sure your home meets quality standards


You don’t need to own a luxurious villa to host in a senior caregiving program, but your home does have to comply with basic quality standards, in the sense that an elderly citizen should feel comfortable living in it. Depending on whom you want to look after, you might have to add special facilities. For example, if your level of medical training allows you to look after disabled to bedridden elders, then you will have to install a wheelchair ramp at the entrance. In order to be certified, you will have someone visit your house and check whether it is suitable or not.


Check local regulations


Most states are very receptive of assisted living concepts, so regulations do not pose any problems. However, what you need to know is that in some states you will need an authorization you plan to host more than two people, or four in some states. To avoid problems, ask at your local office how many strangers you are allowed to accommodate without an authorization.


Join an eldercare platform


The process of providing a home for a senior citizen can be streamlined by joining an eldercare platform. Doing this has two main advantages. First, you will be able to provide help much faster, because the platform connects you to senior all over the county in need of your services and you will be able to choose someone depending on the level of care you can offer. Secondly, this will increase your reliability and give you positive reviews. If you help someone who is happy with their experience and they give you a high score on the platform, you are more likely to be contacted by others.