General Risks of Plastic Surgeries

The request for plastic surgery is in continuous growth, although their prices are not accessible by far. Many people, both men and women, call for the help of the plastic surgeons to achieve what they believe to be a flawless aspect. However, besides the obvious improvements these type of surgeries can bring to the look, people who agree to suffer the interventions must be aware that plastic surgeries also imply some risks. Here are the most common plastic surgeries and their most often risks.

The risks of liposuction

If you want a flat tummy, but diet and sport haven’t helped you in this respect, you can choose to perform a liposuction. However, you should know that this is one of the most risky and complicated plastic surgeries. The main risk is the pulmonary embolism -which means a blood clot can be formed and it can move up in the lungs, stopping the patient from breathing. After the surgery, you will get bruises and swelling, but these will disappear in a few weeks. A great tip for a fast recovery is to wear an elastic girdle.

The risks of lip remodeling

In order to obtain a more sensual aspect to the lips, some people decide to inject collagen or fat into their lips, for remodeling them and making them look bigger. Before performing this procedure, which is not a surgical one, you should check for any collagen allergies. After the procedure, there can be swelling and bruising and another risk is that treatment will take effect only for a short period of time like a few weeks. Remodeling the lips can also be done with a substance called hyaluronic acid, in which case the body can also manifest intolerance. Another risk implied is that the lips can become unequal and deformed if the quantity of serum injected is too big.

The risks of breast implants

For breast augmentation, there are used saline or silicone implants and the main risk is that the body will reject the material of the implants. You will also feel discomfort and pain, the breast will swell and redden, and you should also consider the further interventions you will need, as breast implants are not lifetime guaranteed. Even though this is a circulated idea, the breast augmentation has nothing to do with the appearance of breast cancer.

The risks of face lifting

Those with goiter or limp face or neck skin can cal for an intervention of this kind, but they should be aware that this surgery can cause small blood clots to form under the skin. Other risks are infections or bad reaction to the anesthesia, face swelling or turning pale. The biggest risk in facelift is the damage to the facial nerve. The most common practice is injecting Botox in the wrinkles, which appears to be a simple procedure, but it can be dangerous if not performed with care and quality materials.