Essentials about laser hair removal procedures


A highly effective hair removal medical procedure is the laser procedure. However, not all women are up to date with it, many questions appearing when it comes to it. For example, a great dilemma women have is “does laser hair removal hurt?” For beginners, they should know it does not hurt, it is a completely safe intervention and has great results fast. Also, it helps individuals with endocrine disorders increase their self-esteem and have a positive body image, helping them have a fast and efficient mental recovery from trauma caused by this dysfunction. However, in order to clarify all questions that might pop in one’s mind, we have some essentials explained below.

1. What are the costs of such treatments?

On average, although laser hair removal prices per session differ from clinic to clinic, they gravitate around 30 to 250 pounds per session, depending on the targeted area. Although it might be pricier than the wax hair removal interventions, these treatments have long-term effects, making it unnecessary for multiple visits in a number of years. Also, when the hairs begin growing again, they are fewer and thinner, making the intervention less expensive. And, if you think the effects can last up to ten years, this is a great investment both women and men can make.

2. Is medication forbidden before such interventions?

Since the large majority of antibiotics are photosensitive, it would be great if you could avoid using them prior to such treatments. Laser interventions and certain medication are incompatible, making the skin highly sensitive. All retinoid skincare products should be avoided as well, because combined with laser light, your skin can become more sensitive and irritated. However, it would be great if you could have a chat with your specialist before these treatments, since they are well prepared in the field and can provide important pieces of advice.

3. Do you have to follow through with all the recommended sessions?

The answer is yes, you have to. Otherwise, the treatment is not effective and you poorly invest your money. Just like with any other treatment, you must follow all the sessions for having the expected results. Even though the hair growth process might slow down, you need to finish your treatment. Those claiming it is not effective, probably didn’t do it right.

4. Does it hurt?

Although there is a sensation, it does not hurt. It feels like a small insect bumping on your skin. The sensation is comfortable and many clients describe the sensation like a warm pinch.

5. How fast will I see results?

We all are different and effects show faster in some than in others. It also depends on the part of the body treated. For example, near our ankles, the hair grows faster, while up on the thigh it grows considerably slower.

These are some aspects that might help many of you decide whether or not it is time to give these interventions a try.