Doctor’s advice: organic food can increase your immune system


Changing their lifestyle and starting to consume healthier foods is the ultimate goal of people who suffer from certain diseases or who simply want to maintain themselves healthy and good looking for a long while. A step forward in order to achieve this goal and make the change happen would be to opt for organic foods instead of processed foods or anything that’s unhealthy. Doctors recommend a major change in terms of diet and they highly encourage consuming organic food. First of all, there are some strict standards one should know about before making the difference between 100 percent organic food and farmland food.

Organic fruits and vegetables are grown without any pesticides or synthetic fertilizers involved, they are not exposed to sewage sludge, radiation or genetic modifications. In the case of organic meat, farm animals are raised without using antibiotics, growth hormones or non-organic food. This article is meant to present the benefits of organic food on your immune system. For more information on this topic, you can check out this Crowd Cow review and coupon. Here’s the list:

Regulating the immune system’s functionality

First of all, switching your regular diet and turning it into an organic one will instantly make your body function at its best capacity. Organic foods are actually regulating the immune system, making it stronger in time. Eating organic superfoods that have all sort of nutrients in their composition will strengthen the immune system to the point you’ll get sick less often. Look for organic foods that have in their composition anthocyanins, phytonutrients and vitamins. Fibers are just as important, especially in low-carb diets. Organic oats and barley are fundamental foods you should consume if you want to help your immune system in its battle against pathogens.

Antioxidants and nutrients that promote cellular health

In order to maintain a healthy immune system, your body has to produce white blood cells constantly. There are elements that promote cellular health through the antioxidants and nutrients they provide to the body. For instance, organic flax seeds and sunflower seeds are great for maintaining an optimal level of antioxidants and nutrients during the whole year.

Vitamins and preventing infections

Another important element that should be part of your organic diet is represented by citrus fruits which are rich in vitamins. Vitamin C is tremendously important for developing white blood cells. Consuming lemon in all forms should give you the necessary number of vitamins to protect your body from infections. A person with a strong immune system shouldn’t encounter often infections or catching a cold throughout the year. By adopting an organic diet, the body will get used to a completely new lifestyle and you will find it difficult to go back to your old, unhealthy habits. Your body will feel the difference when you change the fuel that keeps you going, which should now be organic food. If you go back to an inappropriate fuel type, your body will start showing signs.