Custom Adhesives – Outstanding Savings, Improved Performance

It’s really not until you make the switch to custom adhesive products that you begin to understand just how beneficial they can be. Whether it’s working with 3M medical tape converters for products to be used in healthcare settings or any other kind of commercial or industrial adhesive, having a product that is actually built from scratch for the job at hand can make all the difference in the world. And contrary to popular belief, stepping up to a much higher level of quality doesn’t necessarily mean increasing expenses. In fact, it usually means quite the opposite.

These days, getting hold of high quality custom adhesives has never been easier.  There are more outstanding suppliers in business than ever before – the vast majority of which can be dealt with entirely online. Of course, the temptation is to simply stick (no pun intended) with the adhesives your business may currently be using, if they seem to be getting the job done well enough. After all, if it’s not broken, why fix it?

The answer – just because something isn’t broken doesn’t necessarily mean it cannot be improved significantly. Which is exactly the case when it comes to custom adhesives, which have the potential to bring an enormous variety of businesses and organisations a huge range of benefits and advantages from day one.

Efficiency and Output

For example, overall business efficiency and output can both be improved significantly with the right custom adhesive. The reason being that when you are using the product that has been designed specifically for the job in question, it will inevitably be considerably more convenient to use, efficient in nature and ultimately beneficial for overall output. By getting considerably more done in the same amount of time, efficiency takes a step in the right direction and has a direct impact on operational costs and revenues. Simply by switching to custom adhesives and eliminating the use of generic products and/or mechanical fixings, output and efficiency are improved dramatically.

Quality of Results

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It’s not only about capacity either, as overall quality can also improve significantly when using custom adhesives. The reason being that once again, when a product is created specifically for any given purpose it will naturally deliver much better and more consistent results than something of a generic one-size-fits-all alternative. It’s not to say that the latter will not get the job done, but it is unrealistic to expect mass produced adhesives to perform as well as those created specifically in accordance with the requirements. The simple fact of the matter is that irrespective of what it is you are producing, overall quality of results will be improved significantly with the right adhesive.

Safer, Simpler, Faster

Safety and simplicity also come into the mix as custom adhesive products are engineered from the ground up to be as easy to use as possible. In accordance with the materials to be bonded and what exactly it is that is being manufactured, the strength, durability, reliability and safety of the bond can be customised to the most exacting specifications. It becomes considerably easier and faster to produce superior results, with the kind of consistency that may otherwise be impossible.

Health and Safety

In terms of those involved in the manufacturing/assembly process, there’s also much to be said for the improved health and safety that comes with choosing a high quality bespoke adhesive product. Not only can such products be manufactured in a way that makes them much safer in their own right, but by switching to custom adhesive products it is also possible to move away from things like welding, mechanical fixings and other more dangerous adhesives and solvents. The fact that the final results can also be stronger and more reliable likewise has a beneficial effect on overall health and safety.

Operational Costs

Last but not least, it’s natural to assume that commissioning the creation and development of a custom adhesive for your exact needs would be rather expensive. In reality however, it can often work out no more expensive than purchasing any other required adhesives or mechanical fixing accessories. Not only this, but when you consider the unique advantages in terms of reduced operational costs and improved output and efficiency, making the switch to custom adhesive products could in fact prove to be significantly more cost-effective. Consultations and quotations are always available 100% free of charge from the very best adhesive manufacturers on the market, so it’s always worth considering your options in full.