Curing Hangover Depression, the Healthy Way

We all love alcohol and sometimes, we might enjoy it a little too much. So much, in fact, that the morning after we fell like the whole universe is whispering in our ears at the same time. And of course, all the other symptoms of a serious hangover depression. But luckily for everybody, there are some healthy hangover depression remedies that you can try in your attempts to curing the misery of booze blues. Below are some of those.

How does alcohol act on your brain?

One of the symptoms of booze blues is depression. Alcohol acts on your brain in a special way. Alcoholic beverages lower your serotonin levels. This compound is a neurotransmitter that is responsible for your sleep cycles and the quality of your sleep, but also your mood. Lower serotonin levels mean that you don’t feel quite like yourself. In some cases, people experience what is called alcohol depression. While the feeling is an unpleasant one, you can certainly cure those feelings. Below are some useful tips on how to manage it.


When you experience hangover depression the best tip that people usually give is to get hydrated. Alcohol causes severe dehydration and the best way to combat it is simply by drinking plenty of water. By getting dehydrated, you are actually worsening your alcohol depression symptoms. Get a drink packed with electrolytes and even some vitamin water. They will help enormously.

CDB Oil works wonders

While this may not be many people’s first thought, mainly because they think that they may get high from it, CDB oil actually works wonders for those who want to cure hangover depression fast. The first thing that we should mention is that there is a difference between CDB and THC (the cannabis derivate that gets you high) but click here to find out more about these differences. However, you should know that CDB oil is medically approved for treating a variety of conditions, from epilepsy to appetite loss and a certified cancer treatment.

Eat fatty foods as much as possible

Everybody knows it by now. Fatty foods make your hangover depression can be easily cured by eating fatty foods. When you feel depressed some love for yourself and nourishment for your body will keep you going an extra mile. While eating fatty foods is not particularly healthy in the long run, you will certainly enjoy the advantages and health benefits offered by those when you experience hangover depression. It will make you feel happier and kick those nasty symptoms away.

Take a long shower to wash away the symptoms

Everything can be fixed by a long, hot shower and most importantly, hangover depression can also be cured by it. Multiple studies have shown that long showers are the perfect way to kick off alcohol depression symptoms. Try it yourself.

These are some of the best ways in which you can attempt to cure hangover depression. Make sure to love your body and properly care for it after a night of heavy drinking. It deserves it.