Cosmetic dentistry – the best option for healthy and beautiful teeth

While ages ago, dental procedure and treatments were used only to prevent teeth damage or as emergency measures, things have gradually changed. Fortunately, nowadays, if you are not pleased of how your teeth look like, you can fix this problem by visiting a specialised clinic. As same as you go to have your hair or nails done, you can do it with your teeth. There are several Ottawa cosmetic dentistry practices offering a wide selection of services, so no matter what problem you are dealing with, you will definitely find a solution. Getting a smile makeover has never been easier, since the procedures are simple, non-invasive and completely painless.

Teeth whitening

There are multiple factors that may affect the brightness of your smile, such as foods, drink, medication or smoking. For this reason, a lot of people struggle to whiten their teeth at home, using different homemade solutions and remedies. Of course, these seem to provide a minimum effect, but the results will not last unless you try professional whitening. This treatment is quite popular, easy to perform, affordable and quite efficient. The dentist will use a mixed solution based on peroxide, whose concentration can vary from 10 to 40 percent. You can either purchase this substance to whiten your teeth yourself, or you can attend a single session in a specialised clinic – this is how efficient the treatment actually is. After application, the solution penetrated the superficial layer of enamel, reaching the inner layers and thus offering your teeth a long lasting white colour. You can even get an enhancement of up to sever shades if you attend multiple sessions.


Restorative solutions

If you teeth’s problems are more serious than just the colour, then you will have to learn about restorative cosmetic services. These are necessary whether you need to correct imperfections (chops, chips or cracks), but also when you must replace extracted or missing teeth. Besides these, if you must improve alignment of the jaw, you can also try the restorative treatments of orthodontics. For teeth straightening, braces, bridges and Invisalign are the most popular procedures recommended by doctors, while for superficial imperfections you can try veneers or facets. If you have a missing tooth, then the best alternative is a dental implant – the tooth will simply be replaced with a new one. Of course, prices may vary, but you will see that in time, you investment is worth it.