Coping with erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction, also called ED is synonymous with impotence. Many of the men who are suffering from this affection are not aware that it can hide illnesses such as diabetes or hernia. Sexual life tends to go down with the onset of this dysfunction, reason for people needing to confront it and inform as much as possible about this topic. Proper treatment can eventually solve this issue and get you back on track. Firstly, you can observe erectile dysfunction at any age but it accentuates with men over the age of 40. There are on the market wonder pills like Fildena that promise visible improvements. The psychological implications of this dysfunction are much more damaging that the actual physical ones. Here are some information about ED and how to cope with experiencing it:


  • Chronic diseases

There is a strong bond between chronic illness and erectile dysfunction. You can encounter the most evident relationship when you suffer from diabetes. One in two men with diabetes also has an erectile dysfunction. Other diseases that make men’s sex life difficult are atherosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases, sclerosis, kidney diseases. This kind of affections can affect the efficiency of your blood flow and nerve impulses eventually resulting in ED.

  • Lifestyle

Activities that ultimately lead to blood circulation impairment also contribute to triggering ED. Smoking, alcohol abuse, drug use – all can destroy the blood vessels once time passes and it will eventually result in reducing the flow of blood to the penis. Smokers are at twice the risk of having ED, compared to non-smokers. Obesity and a certain lack of exercise will contribute to the apparition of ED as well.

  • Surgical interventions

Specific surgical interventions can actually cause ED. Here are included the ones for treating prostate, bladder cancer, benign prostatic hyperplasia and many more. These procedures performed incorrectly or with complications can affect the nerves and blood vessels in the vicinity of the penis. This kind of nerve damage can be either permanent, either temporary.

  • Certain medication

In some cases, ED can be caused by certain medication as an adverse effect. The pills that usually regulate blood pressure, antidepressants or tranquilizers tend to give ED (usually temporary). If such side effects are being noticed, you should consult your medic and ask for further advice.


Dealing with erectile dysfunction is not easy, especially when it can be aggravated or even cause by factors such as stress, depression, low self-esteem, anxiety and everything psychological related. When the ED is caused by such factors or when the patient feels like he cannot cope with the implications of it, psychotherapy can be the beneficial answer. A therapist can help you regain your mental balance and properly understand what ED means and what options you may be having in the future. Every single case is different and no one will blame you for feeling down about ED. After all, it is a dysfunction that can seriously mess up one’s quality of life. Open discussions and positive reaction to advice will surely be the answer for coping with ED.