Clams – do they have health benefits for you?


Have you ever considered getting a fishing license and walking onto the tide pool to catch some clams? If not then this is the moment to do it, because they are great for your health, and they are simply delicious. You do not even need a shovel, because in a couple of minutes you will find more than 50 clams, you only have to walk around the rocks and see what you find. The only effort required is that of deciding what recipe to prepare when you get home. If you do not have inspiration, you should search online, because there are thousands of recipes that can be prepared even by a person who does not have experience with cooking seafood. And if you are not convinced that you should try this new hobby, here you will find the main health benefits of eating clams.

Clams can boost your energy levels

If you need some extra energy then you should eat clams, because they are rich in iron, and if you eat more than 20 a day they will boost your energy 300%. The majority of people have no idea of this fact, and they take supplements in order to keep up with the daily requirements. So, instead taking pills, you can cook these little mollusks and you will eat a delicious and healthy meal once a day. In the majority of cases people suffer from anemia and fatigue because they have a diet low in iron, so if you consider that this is the case for you, you should start cooking clams.

Clams can help you prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

Everyone is afraid that at a certain point they will suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, and that they will forget who their loved ones are. So it is important to do your best to prevent this condition, and what better way to do it, than to add in your diet clams. You can find them even online, on websites like, if you do not have time to go and find them by yourself. If you notice that you forget where you put your glasses, and you are dealing with mood swings more often that usually, then these can be signs of Alzheimer’s. Many people are low in vitamin B12, and if this is the case with you, then you should add clams to your diet.

If you eat clams your skin will look younger

Clams are rich in B12, and if you eat them regularly, then the amount of vitamin you will take will help your skin stay nourished. Vitamin B12 is extremely beneficial for your skin, and this is why doctors recommend people who suffer from eczema and psoriasis to apply it directly on their skin. Clams are also rich in selenium and they offer you around 90% from the amount you need daily, in order to prevent cells damage. Your skin needs riboflavin to fight off the free radicals, and you can take it from clams. As you can see a little mollusk can help you have a healthy life and make you look amazing.