3 Reasons People Are Riding the Cleansing Oil Train

Organic cleansing oils came into their own as commercially marketable products somewhere in early 2012. Despite some skepticism, the concept of cleansing your skin with an organic oil took off and cleansing oil became the runaway freight train of personal care products. Four years later, people keep getting on that train in large numbers. So what’s it all about? Why are people climbing on board with cleansing oils?

First things first. Before we get to why people love cleansing oil, we need to understand what it is. Facial cleansing oils are usually made up of botanical oils, naturally produced sebum or combinations of various oils along with vitamins and minerals. It is used instead of soap and water to cleanse the skin without harming its natural moisture barrier.

The way cleansing oil cleans is that which makes it different from baby oil. The latter is used primarily to keep baby’s skin moist while the former locks in moisture and cleans at the same time. As for why so many people are jumping on the cleansing oil train, there are three primary reasons.

1. It Does What Baby Oil Cannot Do

As you just read, baby or is not very good as a cleanser. It is not intended to be. Baby oil is strictly used to keep a baby’s skin moist. It can be used to remove makeup inasmuch as baby oil is capable of loosening makeup so it can be wiped away, but baby oil is not capable of deep cleaning. It doesn’t get into the pores to really clean the dirt out. Organic cleansing oil does.

Organic cleansing oil gets into the pores without having a tendency to block pores like baby oil is known to do. This makes a good quality organic cleansing oil ideal for people who suffer from acne and other similar conditions. Cleansing oil cleans the skin without blocking pores or promoting bacterial growth and inflammation.

2. Cleansing Oil Removes Bad Oil

Just like there is good and bad cholesterol, there are also good and bad oils for the skin. For example, everyone’s skin naturally produces sebum regardless of skin type. Sebum is a good oil as it is primarily responsible for making the skin waterproof. But it can quickly become bad if it is produced in excess or it results in clogged pores or the development of sebaceous cysts.

Cleansing oil is capable of ‘washing away’ all of the bad oils while preserving the good. The good organic oil can also promote the production of the good oils the skin needs. How does it work? By binding itself to the impurities and excess oils on the surface of the skin and pulling them away as the cleansing oil is removed. The skin is left in a naturally clean state and ready to start producing those good oils again.

3. Cleansing Oil Contains Antioxidants

As the skin ages, it gradually shows unflattering signs of that aging. Think of wrinkles, age spots, and an uneven complexion. A good organic cleansing oil can help combat the effects of aging through a few of the ingredients it contains. For example, cleansing oils tend to contain antioxidants, vitamins E and C, and other ingredients important to the skin.

In fairness, organic cleansing oil is not a miracle tonic that can solve everyone’s skin problems. But it is something that a lot of people have discovered works better for them than soap and water. So much so that the cleansing oil freight train continues to speed along, picking up passengers as it goes.